First Mobile App for D2C Sales of SUV Brand in the Russian Market

1,6 billions
4 Months Revenue
6 weeks
Launch Time
  1. The application was launched on both the AppStore and Google Play on March 15.
  2. It was introduced within a span of six weeks.
  3. Within the initial four months, the app facilitated the sale of cars totaling more than 1.6 billion rubles.
  4. According to recent data, users, on average, spend 5 minutes in the application.
Firstly, customers now know they can buy a car not just at the dealership but also through the app. Alongside this clear innovation, users get cool and handy features, like:
1. Easily scheduling a test drive
2. Accessing warranty information
3. Pre-ordering a car
4. Entering passport data in a convenient and simple way.
  1. Bring in a direct way to buy cars straight from the maker through mobiles.
  2. Put the app in stores when TANK-300 model sales kick off.
  3. Make buying cars on mobiles more convenient.
  4. Combine Internet of Vehicles and E-commerce strategies.
  1. Release the app in stores when TANK-300 model sales start.

IMSHOP's cloud technology played a big part in quickly overcoming the challenge of a fast launch, making sure the app was ready for TANK-300 sales to begin. Our company provides customers with a ready-to-go box that only needs a few tweaks to smoothly fit into the website, making it easy to transfer the catalog, payment methods, and customer info. Thanks to this tech, the app was up and running in just three weeks!
2. Start selling cars directly from the manufacturer through a mobile channel.
Knowing that buying a car is usually a well-thought decision, not a spur-of-the-moment choice, we made the in-app buying process easy and user-friendly for a detailed and clear journey.

To do this, we added helpful banners and stories in the app. Users can check out features for different car models, learn their advantages, and understand order details through informative articles. This not only makes users more engaged but also encourages them to come back.

We improved the product card description by making it collapsible, letting users thoroughly check all aspects of the product. The description includes not only text but also lists, images, and symbols for a complete understanding.

In the app, users can easily find dealerships with the equipment they want and estimate pre-order wait times. The "Previously You Watched" feature helps users seamlessly go back to their previous searches, keeping them engaged.

To make the user experience even better, we added comprehensive payment and pre-order functions. Even if users visit the dealership before deciding, the option to pre-order through the app is super useful, especially when decisions involve the whole family. This feature significantly increases the chances of turning browsing into an actual purchase.
3. Make buying cars on your phone easy

We've added cool stuff like a test drive feature and direct chats with managers to make you trust our car sales app.

Most importantly, we know you want to test the car. Our app has a map of dealerships and a special banner with info to help you. The best part? You can schedule a test drive right in the app, no need to call anyone. Plus, it's a smart way to get info for our CRM system.

A cool new thing is making a contract in the app. When you order, a purchase agreement is sent to your email automatically. Passport info is easy too—just enter the department code, and the system fills in the rest. We check for empty fields to make it smooth for you.

We've also added a chat so you can ask questions right in the app and get quick answers. If there's a delay, we'll let you know when there's a reply. It's like talking to someone in a real store, building trust in our app and brand.

Our app isn't just for sales. Before IMSHOP.IO, TANK made an app for users to communicaye. To make it easy for users with the TANK app, IMSHOP.IO made signing in from another app simple. If you downloaded through the community app link, you're in without extra steps, smoothly moving between apps.
Our strategy involves developing a versatile box application that can be easily integrated with any website through hooks, requiring minimal development effort. This approach enables us to prioritize the core objective: maximizing the profitability of the application. Our solution incorporates top-notch mechanics and functions that have proven successful in over 150 applications.
We've noticed that people can make big purchases through mobile apps, going beyond what we expected in retail.

Now, even areas that weren't into apps or mostly thought about vcard format are changing their minds. The success of the GWM Store is influencing this shift, even for other car dealerships and big developers.

Because of this, retail apps have new challenges. One thing we're thinking about is creating a credit calculator right in the app.